Inspection & Reconditioning Program

Northern Wheel offers a complete wheel and rim inspection and re-conditioning program, in order to provide the safest and most cost-effective operating solutions. This involves a complete inspection at our Kamloops location and repair of any necessary components. The program includes thorough visual inspection, magnet particle testing of rim bases and repair if necessary. Damaged Gutter sections and back sections are replaced if the inspection deems it necessary. This is done by removing the old section and replacing them with a new, fully forged section that is sub-arc welded to the rim base.

Our organization has over 35 years of experience specific to the industry including extensive repair and manufacturing experience in all diameters. This experience has given us the ability to design a program that provides customers with the information and ability to implement the most cost-effective decisions based on their specific situation.

Rebuild Program for small OTR wheels

Freewest Industries now offers a rebuilding program in diameters 25” and up.
Return problem wheels to Freewest for exchange with rebuilt, recertified wheels.
1000 hour warranty on all rebuilt wheels
Significant cost savings realized
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